Musikleben des Spätmittelalters in der Region Österreich (1340-1520) / Musical Life of the late Middle Ages in the Austrian Region (1340-1520)

Reinhard Strohm, Birgit Lodes, Marc Lewon

Musical Life is a research project carried out at the Institute of Musicology, University of Vienna, by Prof. Birgit Lodes (University of Vienna) as research leader, Prof. em. Reinhard Strohm (University of Oxford) and cand. phil. Marc Lewon (University of Oxford).

The project is funded by the Austrian Research Foundation (Wissenschaftsfonds, FWF) and is running from November 1st, 2011 to May 1st, 2014. It explores the material and spiritual aspects of musical-cultural practice of the period 1340-1520 in the Habsburg territories and neighbouring areas. Results of the research will be published in the form of an interactive website with musical recordings, texts and images.

The three main researchers and several expert collaborators are responsible for writing the chapters, many of which will focus on important archival documents, musical sources and iconography. Several ensembles specialising in early music performance, co-ordinated by Marc Lewon, will contribute recordings. An international team of expert advisers is available for guidance.

For a full project description, see: Musical Life.

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For a report on the project presentation with concerts by Ensemble Leones and Stimmwerck, including a picture gallery, see: Musik aus den Kindertagen der Universität