A-LIb 529, Fragment 16

[The cataloguing project Musikalische Quellen (9.-15. Jahrhundert) in der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek (Musical Sources (9th-15th Century) in the Austrian National Library), conducted by Alexander Rausch and Robert Klugseder at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, has made the Linz Fragments available online in high-resolution images. All links to the source including a preliminary inventory by Reinhard Strohm go to the homepage of this project. The image rights lie with Robert Klugseder who took the photos.]

Linz Fragments 16 & 17 contain yet another set of interesting pieces: Fragment 16 presents a yet unascribed, textless piece, which, again, remains a torso consisting of cantus, tenor, and a bit of altus. Fragment 17 on the other hand transmits a “De tous biens plaine” version which will be discussed in the following blog entry. The textless piece on Fragment 16 exhibits interesting features: A highly imitative counterpoint and a clear indication for a repetition of the A-part. The following transcription gives the surviving notation with those lacunas marked (*) which occurred due to the cropping of the page.

Marc Lewon

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