A-LIb 529, Fragment 19

[The cataloguing project Musikalische Quellen (9.-15. Jahrhundert) in der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek (Musical Sources (9th-15th Century) in the Austrian National Library), conducted by Alexander Rausch and Robert Klugseder at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, has made the Linz Fragments available online in high-resolution images. All links to the source including a preliminary inventory by Reinhard Strohm go to the homepage of this project. The image rights lie with Robert Klugseder who took the photos.]

O fraw wie gar

Linz Fragment 19 contains another textless chanson with the enticing incipit “O fraw wie gar etc.” under the beginning of the cantus line. The fragment features a complete cantus-tenor set and about two-thirds of the altus voice. Due to the cropping and cut-outs from the page the latter voice is also fragmented within otherwise surviving parts of that line. The bassus voice is missing entirely. However, the edition given below still gives a good impression of the character of the composition, which is rich in imitations, harmonic progressions, and rhythmical diversity. The two lacunae in the altus voice are marked with asterisks as are those notes towards the end of the cantus voice which had already been corrected in the original. The same hand probably added “vel ibi” below the corrective markings, maybe with humorous intent, because the corrections are essential and not an option.

"O fraw wie gar"

“O fraw wie gar”

Marc Lewon

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